GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2024 [Any Number] Get This Code

Be it for personal or business related reasons. Sometimes we need more and more SMS packs. Today, through this post, we are presenting you the 30-day SMS packs of Grameenphone.

I will discuss about that sms pack. You can get these SMS packs if you want. Also, you can buy 500 SMS from My Flexiplan if you want. The article should be read carefully from the beginning to the end.

You will get 500 sms for 30 days only at 19 taka. Also you can buy 25 sms, 100 sms and 200 sms packages. Today we will discuss in detail in front of you through this post. Please stay with me till the end.

You can buy sms pack of 500 taka for 500 sms. For that you need to buy this sms pack with 19 Tk. SMS will be valid for 30 days. Or you can also purchase SMS packages this way.

Now you need to know how to check your SMS offer. To buy, text s6 to 121. Besides 19 Tk will be added 15 percent VAT SD and SC and fertilizer charges.

In this way you can purchase Grameenphone 500 SMS within a very short period of time. Those of you who want to buy a little more SMS package of Grameenphone.

For them, Grameenphone has launched 1000 SMS for a period of only 30 days. Those of you who use Grameenphone. They can activate this package by visiting our website.

Hope you will know by reading the article carefully from the beginning to the end. How do you send 1000 SMS to Grameenphone? You can activate the package of 1000 SMS for just 35 Tk.

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2024

How do you activate this package? So I am telling you through this post. So stay tuned till the end. If you want, you can download MyGP APK app and receive SMS packs directly from your PC or laptop.

Those of you who want to activate Grameenphone SMS packs for a period of 30 days. This is our post for them. You can purchase 200 SMS and 500 FMS

for a period of 30 days. Today we will show you through this post. How to activate your packages. If want to purchase 200 SMS and 500 SMS

Then must buy through flexi plan. In this case, 200 SMS will cost 11 Tk and 500 SMS will cost 19 Tk. Which will be valid for 30 days.

I hope I have been able to give you a detailed idea through this post. If you want more information. You can find out by visiting our website.