GP 4G SIM Replacement Offer, Active Code, Fee 2022

Grameenphone is the only popular mobile operator in Bangladesh. As time goes by, the number of Grameenphone subscribers is increasing. In 2022, the number of Grameenphone subscribers increased to about 18 million. Grameenphone subscribers will now be able to convert 2g / 3g SIM to 4g at home.

Only 200 taka will be required for this. With the conversion to SIM 4g, customers will get many different offers. Grameenphone offers internet bundles. It lasts for seven days.

In today’s post we have discussed how you can convert Grameenphone SIM to 4g and then what offers you can get. So read the post carefully from beginning to end.

gp 4g sim replacement offer 2022

If you convert Grameenphone SIM to 4g then you get huge internet offer. Grameenphone offers 5GB internet bonus along with 4G SIM conversion. The internet offer is up to seven days.

Grameenphone SIM also comes with 1.5 GB internet. It lasts for seven days. To know the internet balance you need to dial * 121 * 1 * 4 #. What if you want to cancel the internet offer?

However, you have to dial * 121 * 3041 #. In this way Grameenphone offers customers various offers. Hope you read the post and got an idea about 4G SIM replacement offer.

grameenphone sim replacement price

For those of you who use Grameenphone, replacing Grameenphone SIM is no longer a difficult task. You can now replace the Grameenphone SIM yourself. Grameenphone 4g SIM is popular in terms of a network.

GP 4G SIM Replacement Offer 2022

With 4G Grameenphone SIM any work can be done quickly online. Also 4G SIM offers many types of offers to the customers. As a result, customers become more interested in using 4g SIM.

Today’s post discusses the process of doing 4g SIM replacement. Hopefully, after reading today’s post you will be able to gather a lot of information about 4g SIM replacement.

gp 4g sim replacement online Method

If you are a Grameenphone customer, you can convert your SIM to 4G at home no matter where you are in Bangladesh. All you need is an internet connection. For this first-

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1. Go to the mobile or computer browser option and enter the website

2. Then type your Grameen number.

3. Then type your upazila by clicking on the upazila selection option.

4. Then type your Thana by clicking on Thana Selection option.

5. Finally click on the 4g SIM option.

This way you can manually convert Grameen SIM to 4g. If you want, you can go to the nearest Grameenphone Customer Care to collect SIM and also take home delivery. We hope that after reading this post you will be able to convert to GrameenSim 4g online.

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gp 4g sim replacement internet offer

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