Foodpanda Phone Number, Contact Email Address Myanmar

Foodpanda is an app. Which allows you to order food from restaurants and restaurants of your choice. Occasionally Foodpanda issues their voucher codes.

By using these voucher codes you can buy food at very affordable prices. And receive the delivery. Also, how do you cancel the order, how to order Foodpanda.

How much time does it take to get Foodpanda delivery, how much is the delivery charge, I will present all the information to you. I also want to know how you will pay the delivery charge. This will solve all your problems.

Foodpanda Myanmar Phone Number

You can go to and create a CV with your email address and phone number. Create an account. Note that your email address and password must be valid.

If you don’t know, we will let you know. How to login or register your Foodpanda account. Also if you say the password of Foodpanda’s account. I am presenting to you the information on how to recover it.

If you want to know any more information you can contact them by going to Foodpanda’s live chat option [email protected] This is basically the mail address to contact them and chat live.

Foodpanda Contact Email Address

Foodpanda is a German-based online service provider. Through which you can order food from different restaurants and restaurants of your choice. Many of you were looking for Foodpanda’s call center resource.

So today we have arranged this information in today’s article. This article lets you know how to contact Foodpanda’s call center. And be able to chat live with them. This allows you to share any problems you have with them.

Any of your questions such as: how to order your food, what is the price of any food, how long will you get delivery, how much is the delivery charge, how to pay the delivery charge. You can find out information about him.

foodpanda myanmar app

If you are a mobile user. Then download the Foodpanda app from the Google Play Store. Then install it on your phone and fill in the complete information with the appropriate mobile number, email address and your home address.

Foodpanda Phone Number, Contact Email Address Myanmar

Then turn on your GPS system and you will see a list of restaurants around you. From there you can see pictures of your favorite food. And you can order those foods.

You can pay for those meals through cash on delivery or bKash, credit card. So friends, today we have presented all the information through this article.

foodpanda myanmar login

Foodpanda being such a platform. Through which you will get home delivery of food from the restaurant of your choice in a very short time. Those foods are very standard. Foodpanda has about 55,000 customers.

In addition, they are continuing the activities of Foodpanda in 20 countries of the world. Has gained the trust of customers. If you are a mobile subscriber. Then you can order food by downloading the app from Google Play Store.

You can also order the food of your choice from your laptop or PC by going to the website So how was today’s article? Leave your important feedback in the comments section.

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