Foodpanda Contact Number, Email Address Hong Kong

Today we will let you know through this article how you can order food through Foodpanda and pay for them. You can develop food order payment by adding development on the pavement. I will present the general information display.

Foodpanda is such an app. Through which you can dine in different restaurants. Foodpanda first started their operations in Germany. Currently, Foodpanda has spread its activities worldwide. Today I will present Foodpanda’s Hong Kong contact numbers and their customer care numbers through my article.

I will also give you the address of Foodpanda’s Hong Kong website and corporate office. So read the article carefully with you from beginning to end. Then you will be able to know the relevant information.

Foodpanda Contact Number Hong Kong

Many of you want to know the address of the corporate office on the website of Hong Kong Foodpanda. I will give you all the information through the article. You can contact Foodpanda’s Hong Kong official website by following this link. This is the official website of Foodpanda in Hong Kong. Corporate Office Address: Foodpanda Hong Kong, 287-299 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan, Central and West District 299 QRC

This is Foodpanda’s corporate office address. So friends, today we have the article. I gave all the information through this. Please comment on today’s article.

Foodpanda head Office contact number

If you are in the restaurant business or have an idea to do restaurant business. Then you must add the Foodpanda app to your restaurant. In this case, you have to pay a certain amount of bill to Foodpanda.

Also if you want to register restaurant in Foodpanda. They need to be contacted on the official website. You have to go there and upload the email address with the name and picture of the restaurant. Then wait two or three days for your account to be verified. Through this, you can do restaurant business.

You can sell your restaurant food through Foodpanda. So how did friends like today’s article? Let us know your important opinion by commenting.

How to order in foodpanda

Many of you want to know how to order food through Foodpanda. I was searching on Google or other places to find such information. For your convenience, we will let you know through this article.

Foodpanda Contact Number, Email Address Hong Kong

How to order the food of your choice through the key of your Foodpanda. For this, you need to have a Foodpanda account. You can also download Foodpanda’s official app from or Google Play Store.

From now on you can order food through your Foodpanda using all kinds of methods. You can order Foodpanda by cash on delivery or advance delivery through bKash. So, friends, we informed you today

Foodpanda Email Address HK

To login to Foodpanda, you must first download Foodpanda’s official app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone. Then you need to register with your email address and password. Note that your email address will receive a verification code.

You need to apply for Foodpanda through verification. Then you need to create a category of your home address, including mobile number, what foods you want to eat. You will see the price list and delivery time of those foods next to each meal.

You can see the information about how long it will take to deliver next to the picture. This way you can order food through your Foodpanda.


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