Endoscopy Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, Square, Popular Hospital, Labaid]

Endoscopy is a diagnostic test. Endoscopy is the treatment of observing a cavity or organ inside the human body through a special instrument. This test is used to detect a variety of problems.

A very useful test to detect problems like gastrovascular, urinary tract etc. This test can be done from various hospitals and diagnostic centers in our country.

The cost of this test varies depending on the type of test. Again, its price is more or less depending on the place. And we will discuss here today the price of endoscopy test in Bangladesh.

Also we will discuss here how much it takes to do endoscopy test in specialized hospital and how much money it takes to do endoscopy test in square hospital or how much it costs.

There are many people who want to get an idea about how much money it costs to do an endoscopy test in our country i.e. Bangladesh. So we will tell you about it.

If you do this test of Endoscopic Glue Injection of Fundal Varix (A) from Bangladesh then it will cost 12000 Tk. Besides, if you do this Endoscopy Removal of Foregone Body test, then it will cost 12000 tk.

The price of Endoscopy with Polypectomy Multiple (R) test is 16000 tk. Removal of Foreign Body via Endoscopy Fish Bone/Meat Bone (A) The price of this test is 14000 tk.

Apart from these endoscopy tests, there are other types of endoscopy tests. The cost of each type of test varies greatly. Specialized Hospital is one of the best hospitals in our country.

The medical services of this hospital are very high quality and various tests are done here with advanced technology. If you want to do general video endoscopy from here then the cost will be 2000 to 2500 tk.

Endoscopy Test Price in Bangladesh

Besides, the cost of sclerotherapy endoscopy will be tk 6000 to tk 800. Polypectomy will cost you between 12000 to 18000 tk. ECRC and Ascaris test will cost tk 25000 to tk 30000.

Along with this, balloon dilatation of esophagus will cost tk 12000 to tk 15000. For those of you who want to know how much an endoscopy test or examination will cost from Square Hospital,

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