Elephant Road Market Off Day, Open Today, Closing Time, Contact Number

Elephant Road Market is a well known market in Dhaka. People from many places flock here for shopping, but many do not know when the Elephant Road Market is closed.

As a result, many people suffer for various reasons. So for the convenience of all of you, in today’s post, we will discuss the day of closing of Elephant Road Market, opening of Elephant Road Market,

shoe shops of Elephant Road Market. Elephant Road Market is closed on Tuesdays. At Elephant Road Market you will find all the things you need. There are shoes, bags,

ceramic porcelain furniture, clothes, curtains, bedding material shops, new and old computers are bought, sold and repaired. Located on Elephant Road is a large market

for computer electronics camera equipment. There are all kinds of shops on Elephant Road, so there are more shoppers here. There are many tailors for clothes,

shoes, belts, cosmetics, brand showrooms, showrooms, household ceramics, weddings and fabric making. There are various shops in the vicinity of Eastern Plaza,

Multiplan Center, Subastu, Arcade, Eastern Mallika, Hatirpool Market, Nehru Plaza. Special security measures have been put in place in the markets for the buyers to avoid any untoward incidents.

The number of shops on Elephant Road is more than two thousand. Today is Monday, so the Elephant Road Market will be open, but on Tuesday, the Elephant Road Market will be closed for a full day.

However, before going to the market, we should know about the closing days. Elephant Road Market is a well-known market. Here you can find all kinds of items from clothes

to household and electronics. It is also known as a computer showroom. Almost every day thousands of shoppers flock to the Elephant Road Market.

A popular place for everyone, as there are more shops here, shoppers can go around the different shops to buy the items of their choice. Apart from girls ‘clothes, boys’ clothes are also available here.

There are numerous shoe stores on Elephant Road where shoppers can be seen thronging the area shoe stores. Vendors do not have time to catch their breath.

There are hundreds of shoe stores on Elephant Road. Companies are active in producing half-fashioned aesthetically designed shoes to attract shoppers,

while Elephant Road is also famous for computer content, but it also has a boys’ clothing store on the ground floor and second floor. Buy different electronics products at different occasions

at special discounts or festivals. On the way from Elephant Road to New Market, you will come across Cat’s Eye, Monsoon Rain, Easy Showroom Price. In front of the Science Lab,

there is a buzz of Punjabi shopping in Punjabi shops. At Elephant Road Market you can easily buy any kind of thing according to your needs and tastes.

Crowds of shoppers are almost always seen here as girls’ aesthetically designed clothes are available. Crowds of shoppers can be seen in all the big and small shops.