Ekushey TV News Presenter List [Female & Male]

Ekushe TV is one of the satellite television of our country and it is the first privately owned television channel of Bangladesh. This television channel was launched on 14 April 2000.

Ekushey television channel is also known as ETV to many of us. It is a very popular television channel. There are many people who want to know details about Ekushey Television.

So we are here today to publish the list of top 10 TV news presenters. Also, we will let you know what programs are aired on Ekushey TV on all these topics.

If you want to know all these things then stay with this post. Hope you get answers to all your questions by reading this post. Many skilled and experienced journalists of our country

work in Ekushey television channel. Also here are some very popular news presenters. Along with this, many other employees are working tirelessly to move Ekushey Television forward.

And through Ekushey television channel, we are constantly getting to know different types of news from home and abroad. In addition to various types of news inside

and outside the country, Ekushey Television also broadcasts various types of cultural programs, dance, music, drama, movies and other entertainment programs on their channels.

Many people want to know the names of presenters who broadcast various types of news of the country and abroad through television channels. Ekushey TV news presenters include Mahima Khan Poli,

Rita Chowdhury, Noore Sharmin and many others. On Ekushey TV we watch different programs or programs almost every day. Many times we watch series of different programs on Ekushey TV.

Along with this, we also watch various entertainment programs for children. Many people want to see program list or list of Ekushey TV. For which they enter various websites online and search about it.

Ekushey TV News Presenter List

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Many people who are employed as presenters in Ekushey Television want to know their names. So we have mentioned some presenters in the above part of this post.

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