Ekattor TV News Presenter List [Female, Male]

Do you want to see the list of Ektar TV news presenters or do you want to know the contact number of Ektar TV or the owner or founder of this television channel? If you are interested to know all these things then check our full post.

We will discuss all these topics in detail here today. Ekatar Television is a private satellite television channel of our country. It is very popular television channel of our country.

There are many more television channels in our country. Out of all those channels seventy one channel has made a very good place among people. Because they always provide correct information to the common people of the country.

Ekatar TV officially launched in 2012 on 21 June. Ekatar TV has many presenters, reporters and many other employees who work tirelessly to present the news of different districts

or different places in front of us. They have gained a lot of popularity these days as they always provide us with accurate information. Apart from internal news of the country,

they present the news of other countries outside the country. And many presenters who broadcast news want to know the names of those presenters. So here we are going to tell you the names of seventy one TV news presenters.

Some of the news presenters who have been on Ekatar TV include Julia Alam, Samia Rahman, Mithila Farzana, Shamim Ara Munni, Nursafa Julhaj, Fahim Rahman, Farzana Rupa,

Mehdi Hasan, Mahbub Hasan, Nazneen Munni. Apart from them, there are several other presenters on Ekatar Television. We have published the names of those news presenters in our other posts.

Ekattor TV News Presenter List

There are many people who want to contact Ekatar Television and want to inform them of various types of news or news. Also, many people want to contact Ekatar Television for various other work.

And so we are going to publish the contact number of Ekatar Television here. Their contact number is +8809666717100. You can contact Ekatar Television by calling this number.

Ekatar television channel is a very popular TV channel of our country. There are many people who want to know who is the owner or founder of Ekatar TV. And to know about this,

many people go online and search about it. So we have discussed this on our website so that you can know more about it. If you want to know Ekatar TV owner name then you can see all other posts on our website.

In addition to Ekatar TV, we have published the list of presenters and reporters of some other private satellite televisions of our country on our website. You can know details about all those from our website.