Egarosindur Godhuli Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Location

At present, many places in our country have built rail links. Due to this now one can travel to any part of the country by train. And for this now the demand for trains in our country is very high.

And due to the high demand of trains and the construction of many railways, many trains are running in our country now. The passenger trains that are running in our country

at present are Kishoreganj Express, Chatla Express, Panchagarh Express, Shimand Express, Kurigram Express, Nilsagar Express, Jamalpur Express, Howrah Express, Banglabandha Express etc.

Egarosindur Godhuli train schedule

These passenger trains include Egarosindur Godhuli train. It carries passengers from one end of our country. This train carries passengers from certain number of stations.

There are many vehicles moving in our country now. Train is one of these vehicles. Traveling by train offers many beautiful views of the outdoors. Also traveling by train is very comfortable and safe.

Many people who want to travel by Egarosindur Godhuli train want to know the schedule of this train. And for that you can easily know the schedule of Egarosindur Godhuli train

egarosindur godhuli off day

which is why we have discussed this issue beautifully in this post. If you want to know about all these things then read our post. The Egarosindur Godhuli train carries passengers

from Dhaka to Kishoreganj and from Kishoreganj to Dhaka. This train leaves Dhaka with passengers for Kishoreganj at 7:15 and reaches Kishoreganj at 11:15.

Again from Kishoreganj carrying passengers to Dhaka at 6:30. Arrived at Dhaka at 10:40. Apart from Dhaka and Kishoreganj, this train carries passengers from several other stations.

Egarosindur Godhuli train ticket price

These stations are Airport, Narsingdi, Bhairab Bazar, Kuliachar, Bajitpur, Saralochar, Manikkhali, Gachehanta. Many people want to buy this train ticket to travel Egarosindur Godhuli train. Because you cannot travel

by train without a ticket. But many people don’t know the Egarosindur Godhuli train ticket price or how many types of crickets this train has. And so they visit various websites online to know all these things.

Eleven Sindh twilight trains have several types of tickets. There are some differences between these tickets. Each ticket is priced differently depending on the type of ticket.

dhaka to kishoreganj train schedule today

For example, the price of Shovan ticket of this train is 125 taka, Shovan chair 150 taka, Fast seat 200 taka, First berth ticket price is 300 taka, Snigdha 288 taka, AC ticket price is 345 taka and AC ticket price is 518 taka.

Most of the trains in our country have some off days. Egarosindur Godhuli train also has off days. Any off-day of the train that goes from Dhaka to Kishoreganj is taken by Egara Sindhur Godhuli.

But the train which comes from Kishoreganj to Dhaka has an off day. The off day of this train is Wednesday. This train is closed on Wednesday.