EEG Test Price in Bangladesh [IBN Sina, BSMMU, Popular Diagnostic Center]

You may be wondering how much an EEG test costs. Through today, I will tell you how much money is required to do an EEG test. I will try to discuss about it. You spend a lot of time searching the internet to know about it.

Our article for them. It is a painless procedure. Wherever electoral is used brain cells or cells communicate through small screen if waves. Even when we sleep, these waves are active.

The brain’s electrical wave activity can be seen through a series of wavy lines. Why is this test done? Search the internet to know about it and how much money is required.

If you want to know, you can visit our website. So guys, let’s start the main discussion. With the help of EEG, it is known if there are any other changes in the brain or if FLS has occurred.

Also, with the help of EEG, some physical problems are known. They will be easy to treat, such as brain tumor, hate avenger, end sotelopathy, stroke, insomnia or sleep problems,

forgetfulness, my inability to remember. For these reasons, this test may be necessary. Now you may be wondering how much money is required at Ibn Sina Hospital for EEG test.

So through today’s post I will try to give you some ideas. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end. The cost of this test is 150 rupees. 112 taka to test with 12% and 25% discount.

Hope friends have understood today’s article. I will discuss some other topic in the next post. Thank you very much. You can definitely contact Ibn Sina Hospital or Diagnostic Center near you for EEG test.

EEG Test Price in Bangladesh

Through today’s post, I will discuss about Easy Test Price from the beginning to the end of the article and check it out. EG test is a type of procedure, usually, this test is done to find

out various heart problems through ultrasound method. Today through this post we will tell you how much money is required to do this test. I will discuss about that.

It costs 700 taka in private hospitals in Dhaka and 300 to 400 taka in government hospitals. Hope friends understand. Khilgaon to Aad Deen Hospital to get S Creatinine and S Electrolyte test done.

He said that the fee charged for S creatinine is 160 taka. 700 rupees charged for electrolyte test, which is less than the maximum price fixed by the government.