DuSai Resort Spa Price, Booking, Package, Dhaka Office (বিস্তারিত এখানে দেখুন)

There are many travelers in our country who love to travel from one place to another in the country. And these travel loving people want to know about different types of resorts.

So today we have discussed Dusai Resort in this post. Those of you who want to know about Dusai Resort can read this post of ours with full attention from the beginning to the end.

If you read our post with full attention then you can see the prices of Dusai Resort, various pictures of this resort. Many resorts have been built in different places in our country thinking about the tourists.

dusai resort & spa price

Dusai Resort is one of these resorts. It is the first five star resort in Bangladesh. It is built on a hill surrounded by greenery. There are many people who travel to different places with their family,

loved ones, relatives, friends. And many of them want to go to Dusai Resort to spend time in the beautiful environment of nature. And so we discussed Dusai Resort in our post today.

Dusai Resort is located at Gias Nagar on Srimangal Highway in Moulvibazar District of Sylhet Division. The resort has various recreational facilities. Like – Cycle riding, badminton, tennis court,

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fishing zone, kids zone, gymnasium, swimming pool, bar and many more. The resort also has Bananli restaurant. Various types of food are prepared in this restaurant.

If you want, you can eat any kind of food from this restaurant as you like. However, the price of food in this restaurant is very high. Dusai Resort is built in a beautiful environment surrounded

by beautiful green hills, so many people who love to travel come and spend time at this resort. To come to this resort, many people first want to know about the resort rent.

dusai resort booking

So we have discussed the resort rent in our post today. As it is a luxury resort, room rates are also high. This resort has two categories of rooms. One is a hotel and the other is a villa.

The price of the hotel room in this resort starts from 9600 taka to 12500 taka and the price of the villa is 16200 to 60 thousand taka. If you want to stay at Dusai Resort

then you can rent any type of room of your choice. As Dusai Resort is a very beautiful resort, many people want to know about this resort

DuSai Resort Dhaka office, architecture, review, Picture

or want to see different types of pictures or pictures of this resort. And to see all these things they visit different websites online.

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