Drutojan Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Route Map, Code, Number

Are you interested in knowing the Drutojan Express train time table and ticket price of this train? If you are interested to know about this then read our post.

Today in our post we will discuss about Drutojan Express train schedule, ticket price and holidays of this train. People of our country travel to different places by riding different vehicles.

For example, some travel by bus, some travel by boat, some travel by launch and some also travel by train. But among all these vehicles, the demand for trains is very high.

drutojan express train schedule from dhaka

Because traveling by train is less waste of time and can travel far places at low cost. Traveling by train is less risky. Traveling by train is very comfortable and safe. And so many people choose

trains to travel to different places. Nowadays, due to the high demand of trains in our country and due to the development of rail connections in most parts of our country,

many trains are running now. Drutojan Express train is one of the passenger trains running in our country. Many people who want to travel by Drutojan Express train want to know

drutojan express train ticket price

when this train travels from one station to another station and stops at which station. And to know all these things they enter various websites online. For this we have discussed this in detail in our post.

The Drutojan Express train runs from Dhaka to Panchagarh and from Panchagarh to Dhaka. This train leaves Dhaka for Panchagarh at 20:00 hrs and reaches Panchagarh at 6:10 hrs.

Again departs from Panchagarh for Dhaka at 8:10 and reaches Dhaka at 18:55. This train carries passengers from several other stations. Such as- Airport, Tangail,

drutojan express train off day, route map

Jamoil, Natore, Chatmohar, Ashuganj, Shantahar, Akkelpur, Jaipurhat, Birampur, Phulbari, Parvatipur, Setabganj, Pirganj, Thakurgaon etc. Drutojan Express train has several types of tickets.

If you want to travel in Drutojan Express train then you can buy any type of ticket of this train and you can travel in this train. The ticket price of Drutojan Express train varies slightly according to each ticket type.

For example – Drutojan Express train Shobhan ticket price is 390 taka, Shobhan chair ticket price is 465 taka, First seat ticket price is 620 taka, Fast berth ticket price is 930 taka,

drutojan express train code, number, current location

Snigdha is 775 taka, AC ticket price is 930 taka. AC berth is 1390 taka. If you want to travel by Drutojan Express train then you can buy the ticket according to your choice and travel in this train.

Most of the passenger trains in our country have some off days. On this off day, those trains are closed. Although other trains have off days, the Drutojan Express train

takes no off days or holidays due to high demand. Due to which, every day this train brings passengers from Dhaka to Panchagarh and from Panchagarh to Dhaka.