Dhumketu Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Tracking, Station List, Code

We will discuss about Dhumketu Express train schedule, ticket price and off days in our post today. Those of you who are interested to know about Dhumketu Express train schedule, ticket price

and holidays can read this post with full attention from beginning to end. If you read this post of ours with full attention, you will know all the details about it. Currently, many passenger trains are running in our country.

The demand for traveling by train is now very high as there are many facilities in the train. And this is why many railways have been built in our country now.

dhumketu express train schedule

Through which one can travel from one end of the country to another. Dhumketu Express is one of the trains that are available in our country. It is a very good quality train.

Traveling in this train is comfortable and there is less risk in traveling in this train. The trains that run in our country are Kishoreganj Express, Banalta Express, Benapole Express,

Panchagarh Express, Jamalpur Express, Tungipara Express, Howrah Express, Vijay Express, etc. Dhumketu Express is one of these trains. Many people want to know the schedule of this train to travel by train.

dhumketu express train ticket price

And to know about all these things they go online to various websites. For this we have discussed the Dhumketu Express Train Schedule in this post today.

The Dhumketu Express train runs from Rajshahi to Dhaka. While coming and going from Dhaka and Rajshahi, this train takes station breaks at several other stations.

The stations are – Airport, Joydevpur, Tangail, Saheb M Mansoor Ali, Jamtaili, Ullapar, Chatmohar, Ishwardi, Abdulpur Arani. We have published several more posts

dhumketu express off day 2022

on our website regarding the timing of Dhumketu Express train breaks at these stations. If you want you can see other posts on our website.

There are several types of Dhumketu Express train tickets. The price of each ticket is different according to its type. And to know the price of all these tickets,

many people enter various websites online and search for the ticket price of this train. And so that you can know the ticket price of Dhumketu Express train, we have discussed it in this post.

dhumketu express tracking, Station list, code

Dhumketu Express train chair ticket price is 340 taka, Snigdha 570 taka AC seat price is 680 taka and AC berth ticket price is 1020 taka

The Dhumketu Express train carries passengers from Rajshahi to Dhaka and Dhaka to Rajshahi. This train has two breaks in a week.

Off days of this train are Friday and Saturday. Dhumketu Express trains are completely stopped on these two days. This train does not carry any passengers on these two days.