Dhaka to Sylhet Air Ticket Price, Schedule, Online Booking Ticket Today

Bangladesh has three international airports. They are Dhaka International Airport, Sylhet International Airport and Chittagong International Airport. There are several domestic

and international airports on the Sylhet road from Dhaka. Today, through this post, we present to you the internal routes from Dhaka to Sylhet. I will give you detailed information about that.

Those of you who want to fly from Dhaka to Sylhet. They will basically benefit more by coming to our website. So friends, without further ado, let’s know how much taka is the ticket fare from Dhaka to Sylhet.

dhaka to sylhet flight schedule and ticket price

Sylhet, the main city of Sylhet division, is known as the spiritual capital of the country on the bank of Surma river. There are several tourist centers in this place.

Apart from the shrine of Shahjalal there are several natural monuments. Besides, there are several natural monuments like Bishatkandi and Lauachhara Gardens.

So many people want to travel by air from Dhaka to Sylhet. The distance from Dhaka to Sylhet is 239 km. It takes a minimum of 6 hours by bus. But by air you can travel

dhaka to sylhet air ticket price us-bangla, novoair

from Dhaka to Sylhet route within 50 to one hour. There are three airlines flying on Dhaka to Sylhet route. They are Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US-Bangla Airlines and Novo Airlines.

Every Saturday there are four flights of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, one flight of US-Bangla Airlines and one flight of NovoAir Airlines. If you want to go from Dhaka to Sylhet.

Then you must know how many taka are the fares of different airlines going to Sylhet from Dhaka. In this case, the fare is determined depending on the quality of the aircraft and the passenger service.

Dhaka to Sylhet flight ticket booking online

Besides, if you buy the ticket one month before the journey, the price of the ticket is comparatively much lower. That is why the minimum fare of Biman Bangladesh Airlines is 3000 taka

and the maximum is seven thousand taka. US-Bangla Airlines fare is 2699 taka and maximum fare is 6000 taka. Novoair Airlines fare is 2700 taka and maximum is 6 thousand 600 taka.

I hope that through this post I have been able to give you the list of air fares to Sylhet. Now through this post, we will tell you the flights from Dhaka to Sylhet. They leave at some point.

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Only on Saturday one flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and one of US-Bangla Airlines and one flight of NovoAir Airlines were operated and on Friday five flights

of Biman Bangladesh Airlines were operated on Dhaka to Sylhet route. In addition, on other days, Biman Bangladesh Airlines US-Bangla Airlines

and Airlines have been conducting a fight. I hope I have been able to give you detailed ideas through this post. For more information please visit the website.