Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Route, Station List

Do you want to know about the passenger trains that go from Dhaka to Mymensingh? If you want to know about all these then read our post. Today in our post we will discuss

about passenger trains from Dhaka to Mymensingh. If you read our post carefully from the beginning to the end, you will know about Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule, ticket price and holidays.

Due to the high demand of trains in our country, many passenger trains are running. Among the passenger trains that run in our country, there are some trains that only

dhaka to mymensingh train schedule 2022

carry passengers from Dhaka to Mymensingh. Now many people prefer to travel by train as it takes less time and costs less to travel by train. Many people want to go

from Dhaka to Mymensingh by train. But many people do not know the names and timings of some trains that take passengers from Dhaka to Mymensingh.

And so we will discuss in this post today about the schedule or time list of all the trains that go to Mymensingh from Dhaka. The trains that carry passengers from

mymensingh to dhaka train ticket price

Dhaka to Mymensingh are Teesta Express, Agniveena Express, Mohanganj Express, Jamuna Express, Brahmaputra Express, Howrah Express, Isakha Express.

Teesta Express train leaves Dhaka for Mymensingh at 7:30 and reaches Mymensingh at 10:20. Agniveena Express train departs from Dhaka at 11 am and reaches

Mymensingh at 13:50 while Jamuna Express train leaves Dhaka for Mymensingh at 16:45 and reaches Mymensingh at 20:00. Tickets are now required to travel

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anywhere in our country. Traveling by train without a ticket is a crime. And so many people who want to travel by train from Dhaka to Mymensingh want to know

the ticket price of Dhaka to Mymensingh trains. And that is why we have discussed this in detail in this post. Dhaka to Mymensingh trains have several types of tickets.

For example: Shown ticket price is 120 taka, Shown chair price is 140 taka, Fast seat ticket price is 185 taka, Fast berth ticket price is 280 taka,

dhaka to mymensingh train route

Snigdha ticket price is 271 taka, AC ticket price is 322 taka and AC berth ticket price is 483 taka. The trains running from Dhaka to Mymensingh have some holidays. Trains are closed during these holidays.

For example, Teesta Express train holiday is Monday. Mohanganj Express train holiday is also on Monday. Hour Express train holiday is Wednesday. Apart from this,

the rest of the trains like – Agniveena Express, Yamuna Express, Brahmaputra Express, Ishakha Express take any holidays of these trains. These trains carry passengers from Dhaka to Mymensingh every day.