Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus Ticket Price 2024 [Hanif, Green Line, Shyamoli Paribahan]

Khagrachari is a district with endless picturesque scenery surrounded by natural beauty and greenery. You will definitely want to travel to the districts and upazilas of South Bengal including Khagrachari

with your family during the upcoming Eid. You will surely want to visit Thanchi Bandarbans with Sajek. So today we present to you through this post which buses ply from Dhaka to Khagrachari

route and how much are the ticket prices of those buses. I will discuss the details about that. Total buses of Khagrachari Road Green Line Paribahan, Hanif Travels, Desh Travels,

Robi Express, Shyamoli Paribahan operate from Dhaka. To travel by these buses, you must know how much the bus fare is on this route. You often search the internet to know about

the fares of various buses on Dhaka to Khagrachari route. Then today’s article is going to be very important for you. I am telling you through this post. Which buses ply on Khagrachari route from Dhaka

and how much is the fare? The bus fare from Dhaka to M Khagrachari route is 1600 taka. Desh Travels business class fare is 1600 taka, green line transport fare is 1600 taka,

Shyamoli transport fare is 900 taka, hope you understand. Now let’s see how much AC rent is. Dear friends want to travel Khagrachari Road from Dhaka. Then come to our website.

Khagrachari is one of the few sightseeing places in Bangladesh. Khagrachari is a very beautiful place to visit. And for this reason, tourists often visit here to enjoy this natural beauty.

People from different parts of the country come to Khagrachari to enjoy the natural beauty. I myself fell in love again and again with the natural beauty of Khagrachari. So for those who like Khagrachari like me,

today I will tell you about Dhaka to Khagrachari side schedule and ticket fare. Saudia Paribahan bus fare is 620 taka, Shanti Paribahan economy class bus fare is 620 taka, Saint Martin Shyamoli Paribahan,

Dhaka to Khagrachari Bus Ticket Price

Hanif Enterprise bus fare is 620 taka. Through this post, I have been able to answer the desired question before you. And if there is any information to know. Visit our website to find out.

If you want to travel Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar route by Shyamoli Transport. How much is the bus fare of Shyamoli Paribahan from Dhaka to Khagrachari Road? Be aware of that.

So through today’s article, I will tell you about it. Dhaka to Khagrachari Road Shyamoli Paribahan economy class bus fare is fixed at 650 taka.

But if you want to travel in AC seat transport? Then you have to pay rent 1400 taka. Besides, if you want to travel by Green Line Transport sleeper bus, you have to pay 2500 taka.