Dhaka to Jessore Air Ticket Price, Schedule, Online Booking Ticket

Everything has changed in the age of science. If you want, you can fly from Dhaka to Jessore at a very low cost. Jessore has an international standard airport.

However, no international flights are operated here. Flights operate on domestic routes only. Today, through this post, we are presenting to you the list of Dhaka to Jessore road domestic air fares

and what times these flights are operated. All that information will be presented to you through this post. Read the article carefully from beginning to end and check Dhaka to Jessore flight schedule.

Dhaka to Jessore Air Schedule

Hope you like it very much. Today I have appeared before you with Dhaka to Jessore flight schedule and fare list. Welcome to my website who are looking for Dhaka to Jessore flight schedule fare list.

From Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, Jessore can be reached by direct flight. The distance from Dhaka to Rajshahi is about 255 km. It takes 45 to 50 minutes to reach Jessore by air from Dhaka.

There are many of us who prefer to travel by air. Dhaka to Jessore route is operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines NovoAir Airlines and US-Bangla Airlines.

dhaka to jessore air ticket price novoair, us-bangla

If you want to travel this route you can definitely travel by plane. Today through this post we are going to present you the detailed information of US-Bangla Airlines

flight operator to go from Dhaka to Jessore Road. You can fly from Dhaka to Jessore via US-Bangla Airlines for a minimum of 4500 taka to a maximum of 5 thousand taka.

Besides, you can travel in business class with a minimum of five thousand taka and a maximum of 9000 taka. If you want to travel by Biman Bangla Airlines,

Dhaka to Jessore plane ticket online booking

you can visit this website usbair.com. If so, we have given detailed information to you through this post. US-Bangla Airlines Bangladesh is a private airline operator.

I hope you will feel very comfortable traveling on this plane. Through this post, I will tell you how much is the train ticket from Dhaka to Jessore.

Fares for different airlines vary slightly depending on the quality of the aircraft. Airfare is variable. The earlier you book your flight ticket, the cheaper it will be.

dhaka to jessore air ticket price regent airways

If you book approximately 25 to 30 days in advance, you will get the minimum range of air tickets. Air fares from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, to Jessore are taken by different companies.

Readers, Dhaka to Jessore air fare is discussed below for your convenience. In this case, the maximum fare for Biman Bangladesh Airlines is 9000 taka and the minimum fare is 4500 taka

and the minimum fare of US-Bangla Airlines is 4500 taka and the maximum is nine and a half thousand taka. As per rules, each economy passenger can carry 20 kg of checked baggage. Moreover, 7 kg of goods can be carried as cabin baggage.