Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Route, Distance, Time

Many people of our country want to go from Dhaka to Chittagong by train. Many people want to come to Dhaka from Chittagong. But many people do not know which trains run

from Dhaka to Chittagong and from Chittagong to Dhaka. And so today in our post we will discuss Dhaka and Chittagong trains. Today in our post we will discuss about the trains that

travel to Dhaka and Chittagong. What are the trains coming and going from Dhaka to Chittagong and about the ticket price of these trains and the holidays of these trains?

dhaka to chittagong train schedule 2022

Those of you who are interested to know about all these topics should read our post from the beginning to the end with full attention. If you read this post of ours with full attention then

you will get to know all the details. Trains that come and go between Dhaka and Chittagong are Mahanagar Prabhati, Mahanagar Express, Torna Express, Sonar Bangla Express,

Chittagong Mail, Karnaphuli Express, Chattla Express. The Mahanagar Prabhati train departs from Dhaka for Chittagong at 7:45 and reaches Chittagong at 14:00.

dhaka to chittagong train ticket price 2022

Mahanagar Express train leaves Dhaka at 21:20 and reaches Chittagong at 4:50. Again Torna Express departs at 23:30 and reaches Chittagong at 6:20.

Sonar Bangla Express train departs from Dhaka to Chittagong at 7 AM and reaches Chittagong station at 12:15 PM. Karnaphuli Express train leaves Dhaka at 8:30 and reaches Chittagong at 20:50.

How many tickets are there for trains that carry passengers from Dhaka to Chittagong? Such as – Sobhon, Sobhon Chair, Fast Seat, Fast Berth, Snigdha, AC, AC Berth.

dhaka to chittagong train route, distance

The price of each of these tickets is different. At present, no train can travel without a ticket. Anyone traveling by train without a ticket is fined.

Dhaka to Chittagong trains are priced at 285 taka for Shobhan ticket, 345 taka for Shobhan chair, 460 taka for fast seat ticket, 685 taka for first berth ticket,

656 taka for Snigda ticket, 788 taka for AC ticket and AC berth. Ticket price is 1179 taka. Trains that run from Dhaka to Chittagong have some holidays or off days.

dhaka to chittagong mail train ticket price

But many people who want to travel in these trains do not know when are the off days or holidays of these trains. And so we will discuss the holidays of these trains today in this post.

Among the trains from Dhaka to Chittagong, Mahanagar Prabhati takes any holiday. This train departs daily from Dhaka to Chittagong. Again, Sunday is the holiday of the Mahanagar Express train.

Sonar Bangla Express train holiday is Wednesday. Chittagong mail trains take no holidays. Karnaphuli Express train also takes no holidays. Chattala Express train holiday is Tuesday.

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