Dhaka New Market Off Day, Open Time, Closing Time, Contact Number

Dhaka New Market is the oldest and most traditional commercial shopping market in Bangladesh. A favorite place for everyone to shop, but before we come to shop,

we must know about the closing days of Newmarket. If not, you have to come and go unnecessarily. In today’s post, we will discuss New Market’s weekly closing days,

including New Market opening hours and its stores. Dhaka’s New Market is closed for one full day one day and half a day another. Dhaka New Market is closed for full days on Sundays

and half days on Mondays. The market has a total of 440 shops and a triangular lane in the middle. The total area of ​​this market is 35 acres. Here you will find a wide variety of shops,

from clothes to jewelry, food shops, and daily necessities in this market. It is very difficult to find people from far and wide who do not know the name of New Market.

Many people gather here. Shoppers feel quite comfortable shopping at New Market from other places. Everyone’s comments The quality of the things here is good

and the price is also a bit cheap. Clothes are sold here at wholesale and retail prices. Clothes are available for girls as well as boys. There is a collection of small

and big shops in New Market where you can easily choose the thing of your choice from any shop. New Market will be open tomorrow, not weekly, but Sunday

and Monday are New Market’s weekly closing days. So you can feel free to come shopping tomorrow. You can easily find the clothes and necessities of choice for everyone, big or small.

Many come with their families to shop during the off days. According to the buyers, the price of goods in New Market is comparatively lower than other markets

and people can meet their needs as much as possible. Not only for girls but also for boys there are various clothing stores from where boys can buy clothes of their choice.

The main attraction of Newmarket is the women’s jewelry shop with its various designs and crafts that attracts the attention of any person, so young women come to Newmarket from far and wide.

You can also come here to shop, but of course, it will be to your advantage to know the closing days before coming. Newmarket opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.

However, an hour after the opening of the shop will actually be an advantage because the shop is busy with cleaning and tidying for an hour and from 11 am onwards,

there is a huge crowd of vendors. You can definitely come to Newmarket with your family to buy the things you like and choose the best things within your means.

However, it is better to know all the issues on the closing day when the market is open before coming, then no unnecessary time will be wasted.