Daraz Customer Care Number Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan

Daraz is one of the leading online shopping centers in Bangladesh. There are very few people who do not know the name of Daraz shopping mall. Daraz occupies an integral place in the minds of customers.

Daraz has all kinds of products available. Customers get the products in a short time by ordering online very easily. Apart from Bangladesh, online shopping is now done through Daraz in Nepal,

Sri Lanka, America etc. Many of you are looking for Daraz customer care number, Daraz head office number. For their convenience, all these issues have been discussed in detail in today’s post.

Daraz Customer Care Number near mirpur, dhaka

So I would say you should read carefully from the beginning to the end of the post. You have to order Daraz online, so customers often have problems when ordering.

It is seen that many times customers do not get what they are looking for. Again many are not aware of the rules of ordering Daraz. All such problems can be solved by calling Daraz Customer Care.

Many of you are looking for Daraz Customer Care numbers. So in today’s post, we have shared Daraz’s customer care number. The number of Daraz Customer Care in Dhaka District is 09610-096111.

daraz customer care number nepal

Gazipur Daraz Customer Care number is 01999087000. You can find the Daraz Customer Care number at the official website of Daraz where you need it.

The website is www.daraz.com.bd. Hopefully, through this post, you will be able to easily collect Daraz customer care numbers. Many people can’t go to the shopping mall for shopping for a while.

Sometimes people don’t find what they are looking for in the nearest shopping mall. Even if the item is found in a shopping mall far away, it will not be possible for customers to go there.

daraz customer care number in bangladesh

With the help of Daraz Shopping Mall, you can order and purchase the necessary products at home. Many times you have to face many problems while ordering Daraz’s products.

In this case, customers look for Daraz’s head office contact number. We have been given the contact number of Daraz head office in today’s post. The contact number is 09610-096111.

You can easily contact Daraz Head Office by calling this number. You can find the solution to any problem of Daraz through helpline live chat.

daraz helpline number chittagong

Here you can communicate directly in live chat. For this, you have to go to this official website daraz.com.bd. You can then talk directly to Daraz’s executive officer.

Many times Daraz’s customers face many problems. As a result, they want to communicate directly to solve the problem. Daraz has special opportunities for live chat.

Hope you guys didn’t know about Helpline Live Chat by post. So I can say that today’s post is very important for you. To know more about Daraz visit our website regularly.