CSCR Hospital Chittagong: Doctor List, Contact Number, Appointment, Serial Number, Website

CSCR Hospital has several branches. One of them is Chittagong branch. Today in this post we have published the name of the doctor of CSCR hospital, serial number and address of CSCR hospital.

The medical services of CSCR Hospital are of very high quality. If you want to get medical treatment there, be sure to read our post carefully. In this post, we have published the address,

mobile number, doctor list of CSCR Hospital. Must see them. Many doctors sit in CSCR hospital. Some of them are specialist doctors. We have published the names

of some of the doctors below this post. Read the full post to know them. There was a time when the quality of medical services in Bangladesh was very poor. Now the day has changed.

We have improved a lot now. Medical services have improved a lot over time. Many government and private hospitals in our country now have advanced medical services.

There was a time when we had to go abroad for advanced treatment. Outside the country, he had to go to Chennai, India. Now many people from India also come to Bangladesh for treatment.

This is definitely a matter of pride for Bangladesh. We must retain medical care. The quality of treatment in government hospitals has now improved.

As well as world class medical services are now available in many private hospitals. Several of them are United Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Square Hospital,

Popular Hospital, Padma Diagnostic Center etc. There are many more such hospitals in our country with advanced medical services. Only a few hospitals of Dhaka division are mentioned here.

Is CSCR Hospital located in Chittagong? The address of the hospital is 1675 / A O.R. Nizam Rd, Chittagong. If you want to see a doctor in this

hospital then you must contact these numbers: For Serial: 031-650611, 031-656883, 031-654753, Hotline: 031-656565 (Auto Hunting 10 Numbers).

If you want to contact online about CSC and Hospital, visit this website Many specialist doctors sit at CSCR Hospital.

If you want to show them you must take the serial before a certain time. Otherwise, you will not be able to see a doctor in time. If you want to see a doctor at CSCR Hospital,

you need to call their phone number and make an appointment. That is why the hotline number of this hospital has been published above. Here are the names of some of the specialist doctors:

Dr. Md. Abu Taslim

Dr. Md. Sheikh Ahmed

Dr. Sabrina Meher

Dr. Ainur Nahar Hamid

Dr. Md. Samirul islam

If you want to see a specialist doctor, you need to tell them which department you want to see as a patient by calling their call number. In that case, if they mention the names of their doctors, you can take the visit of the doctor of your choice from there.