Creatinine Test Price in Bangladesh [Popular Diagnostic Center, IBN Sina]

If you want a creatinine test. Then you need to do it urgently. Now you may be wondering why S Creatinine should be done and how much money is required for S Creatinine test.

Through this post today, I will discuss the details of Creatinine test before you. Sometimes the kidneys are not working properly. We may need to do a creatinine test to find out.

Early diagnosis of kidney disease is not possible by looking at any early symptoms. Due to this, the diagnosis of kidney disease is delayed in most cases. Later, many diseases lead to complete kidney failure.

The possibility of kidney damage increases in patients with diabetes and high blood pressure. So you will definitely understand the importance of creatinine test by reading the article.

How much does creatinine test cost? Do you want a creatinine test? Then today’s article is going to be very important for you. Through this post I will discuss the details in front of you.

Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end. There are two tests to know if your kidneys are healthy. If the kidney is bad, it is whether creatinine or waste material can be removed from the blood properly.

But this creatine test is just the first step. Then the glomerular field station red BAGF should be seen. The doctor can understand how your kidney is working by looking at that result.

If you have any fear or worry about kidneys, you can do these tests. What is the cost of Creatinine Test at Ibanesina Hospital? Those of you who have come to the Internet to find out.

Our today’s article is for them. The hospital offers a 25 percent discount on all tests. That’s why you can get tested at the hospital by paying Tk 820. With 25 percent discount, only 600 tk can be tested.

Creatinine Test Price in Bangladesh

If you want to get tested at Ibn Sina Hospital, you can contact your nearest Ibn Sina Hospital and get updated information. Today through this post I will test before you how much money is required.

I will tell you. Many people do not know this. Our today’s article is for them. Creatinine test prices vary from hospital to hospital and from private to public hospitals.

But you can take this test for a minimum of 800 to 1000 tk. However, if you want to take a short test, the best hospital is Ibn Sina Hospital. This test can be done at Ibn Sina Hospital only in front for 800 taka.

But the hospital authorities are making an offer for you. You can get creatine test at 25% discount for just 620 rupees. Hope friends have understood today’s article. If you want to get Creatinine test, check the price list on our website.