Cox Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Greenline Price & Ticket Online Booking 2024

Today in our post we will discuss Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin timetables, Green Line ferry prices and online ticket booking. If you are interested to know all these topics

then read this post of ours with full attention. If you read this post of ours, then you will know all the details. Saint Martin is one of the tourist centers of Bangladesh.

It is a coral island in Bangladesh. If you go to this island, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea all around. There are also beautiful views of sunrise and sunset.

This island is located in the Bay of Bengal, a few kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. There are many travelers in our country who travel to Saint Martin to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

And when traveling to St. Martin, many choose the Green Line ship. This ship takes tourists from Teknaf to Saint Martin. This ship does not carry any tourists

from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin. The green line from Teknaf to St. Martin departs from Teknaf at 9:30 am. Again with passengers from Saint Martin to Teknaf at 3:00 PM.

Like other ships this ship has different categories of tickets. The price of the ticket for the ground floor or lower floor of this ship is 800 taka and the price of the ticket for the upper floor is 1000 taka.

Only one ferry operates from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin Island. And the name of this ship is Karnaphuli Express ship. This vessel departs from Cox’s Bazar

for Saint Martin at 7:00 AM and arrives in Saint Martin at 12:00 PM. Again departs from St. Martin for Cox’s Bazar with passengers at 3:00 PM and reaches Cox’s Bazar at 8:00 PM.

In addition to this ship, we have discussed several other ships of St. Martin in detail in other posts. If you are interested to know details about other ships then you can read other posts on our website.

The ship that goes from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin is the Karnaphuli Express ship. Each person has to book one ticket to travel on this ship.

No one can travel on this ship without a ticket. This ship has different types of tickets. You can book any seat ticket as per your choice. If you want to book tickets for this ship you need to visit

this website From this website, you can book online tickets for Karnaphuli Express from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin and make your journey enjoyable.