Cox Bazar to Saint Martin Bus Ticket Price, Distance, Schedule

Do you want to know the ticket price of the ship that goes from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin? Or you want to know how far is St. Martin from Cox’s Bazar? If you want to know about all these then read our post.

Today in our post we have discussed in detail about Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin ticket price, Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’s distance and Teknaf to St. Martin’s timetable.

Saint Martin is one of the tourist centers in Bangladesh. It is an island located in the Bay of Bengal. It is also a coral island. This island is located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh.

Cox Bazar to Saint Martin Bus Ticket Price

Many tourist ships ply from different parts of our country to Saint Martin. Similarly, a ship recently sailed from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin.

The name of this ship is Karnaphuli Express. Many people want to know the ticket price of this ship to travel from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin by this ship.

So we have discussed Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin ship tickets in this post. Karnaphuli Express ship has different categories of tickets.

dhaka to saint martin bus ticket price list

If you want, you can travel on the ship by booking any seat ticket of your choice. Marigold ticket price of this ship is 1100 taka, business class ticket price is 1440 taka

and VIP class ticket price is 1600 taka.To travel from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin, many people want to know the distance of Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin.

So we have discussed this in detail in this post. The distance from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin’s Island is 32 km. You can use ship, trawler or boat to visit this island.

cox bazar to saint martin distance

Winter is the best time to visit this island. That is from November to February. The sea is calm during this time. Due to this Saint Martin

can be reached safely. If you want to go to Saint Martin by ship from Cox’s Bazar then you can go there any other time of the year except monsoon season.

Many tourist ships operate from Teknaf to Saint Martin. These ships include Carey Cruise & Dine, LCT Kutubdia, Carey Sindbad, ST Sukant Babu etc.

Teknaf to Saint Martin Ship Time Schedule

Among these ships, Carey Cruise & Dine sails from Teknaf to St. Martin at 9:30 am. Again return to Teknaf from Saint Martin at 3:00 PM.

ST Sukant Babu ship and Keari Sindbad ship also depart from Teknaf for Saint Martin with tourists at 9:00 am. Departure again from Saint Martin to Teknaf at 3:00 PM.

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