City Bank Routing Number, Branch Code List, Helpline, Swift Code, Bike Loan

Each bank has a routing number in the check book. But many people do not know which is this routing number or what is meant by routing number. And to know all these things,

many people go to different websites online and do research on this subject. So for your convenience, in this post we have discussed in detail about the routing numbers of checkbooks of different banks.

Those of you who are interested to know various information about the routing number of Citibank, please read our post carefully from beginning to end.

If you read this post carefully, you will know what is your routing number or what is meant by routing number and you can know about the routing number of Citibank.

Now with the introduction of banking system, people do not have to face many problems in taka transactions. With the introduction of banking system,

it is now very easy to exchange taka from one country to another or from one place to another. There are many banks in our country at present. Among them are some government banks

and some private banks. Such as Grameen Bank, Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Islami Bank, City Bank etc. Each of these banks has a routing number.

City bank’s Routing Number is in Citibank’s check book. Apart from the check number and account number, the other number in the check is the routing number of this bank.

Citibank has branches in every district of our country. Each branch of RAE Citibank has a routing number. By which is meant the identity of this bank

and the account of which branch of which region or branch of which district. In today’s post, we have mentioned the routing numbers of some branches of Citibank in Dhaka.

For example, the routing number of Dhaka DSE Nikunja Branch is 225261279. The routing number of Dhaka Foreign Exchange Branch is 225272321.

The routing number of Dhaka Gulshan Branch is 225261729 and the routing number of Dhaka Gulshan Avenue Branch is 22526173. We have provided Citibank’s helpline in this post.

If you have problems with any account at Citibank or if you want to open a new account or contact Citibank to find out about Citibank, you can call 16234 (locally)

or + 88-02-8331040 (from overseas). You can contact Citibank by calling both. In addition to Citibank’s helpline number or rounding number, in our post,

we have given the routing number and helpline number of other banks. If you are interested to know more about routing numbers or helpline numbers of other banks then you can read other posts on our website.