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Many beautiful resorts have been built in our country now. Chuti Resort is one of the best quality resorts in our country. Today in our post we will discuss about Chuti Resort.

Those of you who want to know various information about Chuti Resort can read this post with full attention from the beginning to the end. If you read our post with full attention

then you will know various information about Chuti Resort. Chuti Resort is located in Gazipur. It is built in Shukandi village of Gazipur adjacent to Bhawal National Park.

chuti resort purbachal day long price

This resort is a very nice resort. You can enjoy the beauty of many things here. This resort has a variety of beautiful plants. Also from this resort one can enjoy the pleasures of Bill and Jheel.

Chuti Resort has been built on about 50 Bigha of land. There is an artificial lake here. Chuti Resort also has Cricket, Football and Badminton facilities for visitors to play.

At Chuti Resort you can hear many birds calling throughout the day. Also at night the call of rattlesnake can be heard. The resort also has two picnic spots. Along with Gramin Pitha Ghar and Chhan Ghar.

chuti resort purbachal food menu

The resort looks very beautiful at night. The biggest attraction of this resort is fishing from the lake in this resort. However, a certain amount of fee has to be paid for fishing.

Various local cuisines are also available at this resort. Like- Indian, traditional Bengali food, Thai Chinese, barbecue, traditional pitha etc. You can buy and eat any type of food you like from there.

Chuti Resort is a very beautiful tourist place and many people from different parts of the country want to visit here. And to come to this resort, many people visit various websites

chuti resort package & Wooden Cottage

online to know the entry fee of this resort and search for all these issues. That’s why we have discussed the Chuti Resort entry fee in this post today. This resort is built in a very beautiful place.

Many beautiful moments can be enjoyed in this resort. There are total 11 types of rooms to stay here. Everyone can choose any room of their choice. A room in a holiday resort

will cost 3000 to 10000 taka for 24 hours. Besides, if you want to stay in the conference room, then its rent will be 20000 to 50000 taka, the rent of royal suite is 17000 taka. 

chuti resort room price

If you want to have a picnic, then you can go for a picnic at Chuti Resort. Many people want to contact this resort to visit Chuti Resort. And to contact this Chuti Resort,

many people want to know the contact number of this resort. So today we have mentioned the contact numbers of holiday resorts in this post of ours.

Chuti Resort contact numbers are – 01777-114488, 01777-114499. Email account of this resort is [email protected] and Facebook account is