Chevron Chittagong Test Price List, Report, Contact Number

We may need checkups at different hospitals at different times. Now if you have searched on the internet to know about the cost of various medical tests in several hospitals in Chittagong.

Then you have come to the right place today. Chevron Clinical Laboratory is a famous hospital in Chittagong and is very popular among people for the quality of their tests.

The journey of this corporation started on 22 February 1984. The company is located in Chittagong. Chittagong being a top ranking commercial area, the need for a premium class modern hospital was anticipated.

Chevron Hospital is a great service of diagnostic services, every day a special star of the institute they will help any patient with all kinds of information and give it right. They are quite different

Test prices have been kept, today through this post we will show you how much money is required for various checkups and tests at Chevron Hospital. I will discuss about that.

For example, it costs 400 rupees to do ETT in a hospital. Endoscopy costs Tk 300, ECG can be done Tk 500, Drop test costs Tk 500, Chevron heart checkup costs Tk 12000, MRI costs Tk 1000, CT scan costs Tk 1000.

Today, through this post, we are going to tell you how much money is required to do Chevron’s various tests. I will discuss about that. It is a major cause of blindness among people in Bangladesh

who are losing their sight. The problem can be solved with simple steps. The surgical procedure is very simple, easy and hassle free. People can get cataract services

from the Chevron Ophthalmology Department. A basic health check-up in this hospital cost tk. Executive health checkup costs 11 thousand 500 taka, female executive health

checkup costs 14 thousand 500 taka, master health checkup costs 8500 taka, Chevron heart checkup costs 12 thousand taka. Many times you come to the internet and search to know about various tests.

Chevron Chittagong Test Price List

So today through this post we are going to list the doctors in Sepran Hospital Chittagong and how much money is required to do the various checkups here. I came here to say that.

CBC ETT creatinine test can be done for Tk 500 to Tk 1000, which is much less than other government and private hospitals. Hope friends through this post I have been able to give you detailed information.

If you want to know more information, you can visit our website and let us know. How much money is required for checkups and tests for various diseases in different hospitals can be known on our website,

besides Padma Diagnostic Centers, Popular Diagnostic Centers, Ibn Sina Medical Hospitals offer checkup cups at very affordable prices. You can find its price list on our website.