BRB Hospital Contact Number, Doctor Appointment

One of the private hospitals in Bangladesh is the BRB Hospital located on Panthpath in Dhaka. Interested to know the address and contact address of the doctors of this hospital.

In continuation of this, today we present to you the contact address of BRB Hospital through this post. Discuss the details of the list. Do it carefully from beginning to end.

RB Hospitals Limited was established by BRB Group in 2014 to provide exceptional and outstanding medical care support to the community. Absolutely with an international standard ‘Go Green Healthcare’ concept

Starting its operations in new facilities, it strives to protect health as well as environment and improve patient services with beneficial results with green-sustainable models in Bangladesh.

BRB wants to know the contact address of the hospital and any medical services to be provided. Want to know about that. Then today’s article is very important for you.

BRB Hospital Bangladesh provides advanced medical services. So if you search BRB Hospital contact number online from any end. BRB Hospital If you search BRB Hospital contact number

online from anywhere. Former Gastro Liver Hospital & Research Institute 77/A Purba Rajabazar, Paschim Panthpath, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh For Appointment Contact: +8802 9131537

If you want to know the list of doctors and appointment booking details at BRB Hospital visit our website. Hospital Bangladesh is considered one of the brightest stars in the medical world.

The hospital offers medical services ranging from advanced medical equipment to expert doctors. I am presenting the name of such a doctor before you.

Dr. Chanchal Kumar Debnath, MBBS, FCB, Specialist Anaesthesia, Saturday to Thursday 10 am to 5 pm, Friday weekly closed Dr. Md. Elias Ilyas Ali, MBBS FCPS, Cardiology Senior Consultant,

Working Days Saturday to Thursday 9 am to 6 pm. Hope friends got the answer to the desired question. Want to contact the hospital today through this post I am discussing BRB hospital address

BRB Hospital Contact Number

and specialist doctors appointment or detailed information. The people of the country are now getting world-class medical care at the BRB Hospital established at Panthpath in the capital Dhaka.

All modern technology and medical equipment of the developed world are arranged here. 09610-010647 For your convenience I have given BRB Hospital contact address and a hot line number on our website.

You can get answers to all your questions by contacting this hotline number. Hope friends have understood today’s article. I will discuss some other topic in the next post.

If you want to contact BRB Hospital. You can contact the hot line number. In addition, if you want to contact all types of specialist hospitals, you can also contact from the said phone number.