Brahmaputra Express Train Time Table, Ticket Booking, Off Day, Number, Code, Route

Those of you who regularly travel by intercity train on this route from Dhaka to Dewanganj. A train known to them is Brahmaputra Express. It is an intercity train of Bangladesh Railway

and daily many people travel from Dhaka to Dewanganj, Dewanganj to Dhaka. Brahmaputra Express train runs between Dhaka to Dewanganj Dewanganj to Dhaka routine.

Generally, all classes have one day off in a week. But as it has no weekend, trains run seven days a week. Today we will try to present you the schedule ticket price and weekend list of this train through this post.

brahmaputra express train time table

So those of you who regularly travel from Dhaka to Dewanganj. Surely the article is going to be very important for you. So read the article and learn. The Brahmaputra Express train departs

from Dewanganj for Dhaka at 6:15 am and is scheduled to arrive at Dhaka at 11:50 am. Intercity trains leaving from Dewanganj do not have weekends. You can do this seven days a week.

Depart from Dhaka for Dewanganj at 6:40 AM and arrival time at Dewanganj is scheduled at 12:40 PM. However, the journey from Dhaka to Dewanganj stops at several stations.

brahmaputra train ticket booking

It is for a short time. You can get down at the mentioned station. I hope I have been able to inform you all the information through this post. The article has been very important for you.

Today through this post we are talking about Brahmaputra Express train ticket price. I will give detailed information about it. The Brahmaputra Express trains generally have the sofa,

sofa chair first seat and seat configuration. whose ticket price depends on the quality of their service. Passengers can travel to Dewanganj by spending

brahmaputra train off day

a minimum of 185 taka to travel on this train. Now we will discuss about Brahmaputra Express train fares. Shovan 185 taka, Shovan chair 225 taka,

first seat 300 taka, first seat 445 taka, snikdha 426 taka, AC seat 512 taka, AC berth 771 taka. Through this post I have been able to provide you detailed information

about Brahmaputra Express train schedule and schedule. . Hope you like it. You know that every train is closed on some days of the week.

brahmaputra express train number, code, route

It is closed due to technical error or various reasons. So many of you want to know when is Brahmaputra express train weekend.

Today we are informing you through this post. The departure time from Dhaka to Dewanganj is 18:15 and the departure time

from Dewanganj to Dhaka is 6:40 am. There are no weekends between Dhaka to Dewanganj and Gyan to Dhaka trains.