Blood Group Test Price in Bangladesh

Every hospital in Bangladesh has some kind of Bengali blood test. Now if you want to test your blood. Then you can go to any hospital near you and get your blood group tested.

Now the question may come in your mind, how much money is required for blood group test. Today, through this post, I will tell you how much money is required to test the blood group.

I will discuss it in detail. Various hospitals do not charge any kind of money for blood group-less checkup. Besides, there are several diagnostic centers where you can get all types

of tests done free of charge by donating blood. So guys let’s start the main discussion. There is anarchy going on in private hospital clinics in the country with free sample testing of patients.

The cost of complete blood count (CBC) or general blood sample test in private hospitals ranges from a minimum of Tk 400 to a maximum of Tk 750. Whereas the actual price of this sample test is supposed to be 20 to 30 taka.

On the other hand, the minimum price of ultrasonogram examination is taken from 1 thousand taka to a maximum 2 thousand taka, whereas its actual value should be a maximum of 1 thousand taka.

But the price of these in government hospitals is very low. You can get the above diseases tested at a price of around 500 to 600 taka in government hospitals.

Many times you have come to the internet and searched the internet to know about the test price. CBC is a blood test, now you may have a question, how much money is required for CBC test.

It costs about 300 to 350 taka to get the test done in public and private hospitals in Bangladesh. Usually it can be 300-350 taka. If there is PBF then it can increase by 200-300 taka.

If labs give a 30% discount on this test, it has a 20% profit, besides, Popular Diagnostic Center Ibn Sina Hospital can be priced very cheaply. You have come to the internet many

times to know about Serum creatinine test. Currently, how much money is required to do this test Serum creatinine in different hospitals in Bangladesh. He turned to the internet to find out.

Blood Group Test Price in Bangladesh

Through this post, I will show you how much money is required for serum creatinine test. I will discuss about that. Serum creatinine test costs 500 tk.

However, depending on the hospital, this test can be done between Tk 400 and Tk 600 in different hospitals. 50 tk after blood CBC test in government hospital, tk

Any private hospital or diagnostic center costs 400 to 500 taka. Ultrasonography of abdomen costs 450 taka in government hospitals, 1 thousand to 1400 taka in private hospitals;

250 taka for blood type test, Which is taken in government hospital for 200 taka. If you want to test serum creatinine. Then you can contact any nearby hospital.