bKash Pin Lock Problem [how to open bkash pin lock]

Your bKash pin number has been locked. Then today’s article is very important for you. Almost all of us have bKash account. bKash requires our PIN number for security every time you login.

If for some reason it gets locked. You must reset it. This Prince number is usually four to five digits long. If we type wrong pin three times. Then our bKash account is temporarily locked or closed for security reasons.

Let’s know what to do if bKash pin is blocked and how to open bKash pin lock. That is the rules for changing bKash PIN. Hello friends, how are you all? Today through this post

I will tell you about the rules to unlock bKash PIN. Entered wrong PIN three times in a row while logging into bKash account with password. bKash account is temporarily closed with security. Or the account gets blocked.

So if you remember the pin number. Already used the wrong PIN twice. But refrain from entering a third time. Follow the below procedure without using wrong pin.

For this, you need to reset bKash PIN by dialing bKash customer care or its code. Also, if the bKash PIN is temporarily locked, you can talk to the customer care representative there to resolve your issue.

Call 16247 from your bKash mobile number and tell the bKash customer service representative about your problem after receiving the call and request bKash PIN reset.

The customer service representative will ask for your name, date of birth, national identity card number and parent’s name and any recent transaction amount as per your national identity card for verification of your information.

Today we will show you through this post. How do you reset the pen through the app at home? If you forgot your PIN. Then below you can see an option called Forget Pin. Click here.

bKash Pin Lock

After this, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile. Enter the PIN provided in that SMS and set a temporary PIN. After that complete your face screening test.

After that activate your account with your new pen. This way you can recover your lost PIN. Hope friends have understood today’s article. After reading carefully from the beginning to the end,

you will understand. Now you think how many digits bKash pin should be for security nowadays. But keep in mind that bKash PIN should always be 5 digits.

Earlier bKash used a four digit PIN. But the current bKash numbers have to use a five digit pin code. Hope friends have understood today’s article.

Through this post, I will tell you how many digits of pin number to use in bKash. I was able to discuss in detail. And if you want to know any information. Visit our website to find out.