BIRDEM General Hospital Dhaka: Doctor List, Contact Number, Address, Test Price List

Today we will discuss in this post about BIRDEM General Hospital. Those of you who are interested in learning more about BIRDEM General Hospital, please read our post carefully from beginning to end.

By reading this post you will know about the address and contact number of BIRDEM General Hospital. Even in the last two decades, there were no good hospitals in our country

and the medical system was not very well developed. For this reason, many people would die due to lack of treatment even due to minor illness.

As before, many people would die of diseases like cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid etc. in our country. Because at that time there was no medical system for all these diseases.

At present the medical system in our country has improved a lot and many hospitals have been built in different parts of our country. In our country now no one dies from cholera, typhoid, or tuberculosis.

Because now in our country advanced treatment of all these diseases is given. BIRDEM Hospital is one of the best quality hospitals in Bangladesh.

BIRDEM Hospital offers advanced treatment for all ailments. Other services including medical services of the hospital are also much better.

There are several branches of the hospital in Bangladesh. Among them there is a branch in Dhaka. Dhaka BIRDEM Hospital provides services to the patients through

advanced medical procedures. BIRDEM Hospital is located in Shahbag, Dhaka. Many people contact BIRDEM Hospital before seeking medical services from BIRDEM Hospital.

They want to contact the hospital to know about the hospital or the medical services of the hospital. And for this we have given the contact number of BIRDEM Hospital

on our website. You can contact BIRDEM Hospital by calling 02-41060501. In some other posts on our website, besides BIRDEM hospital,

contact number addresses of other hospitals and some lists of doctors have been given. If you want, you can read other posts on our website and find out

different types of information about those hospitals. Many people want to be treated by a well-experienced doctor. Many people are looking for a good doctor for this.

There are many experienced doctors in BIRDEM Hospital. Who accurately diagnoses and treats patients. If you want to get medical treatment from an experienced doctor,

you can go to BIRDEM Hospital. And we have mentioned in this post the names of some of the experienced doctors of this hospital. The names are-

Professor Dr. SM Ashrafuzzaman.

Professor Dr. Zafar A Latif.

Dr. Purabi Rani Deb Nath.

Professor (Dr.) Md. Abut Mansur.

Prof. Md. Faruque Pathan.

Professor Mirza M. Hasan Faysal.

If you want to get medical services from an experienced doctor then you can get good medical services from those doctors. There are also many more doctors in this hospital.