Bijoy Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Location, Cabin, Pin, Code

Are you interested to know about Bijoy Express train? If you are interested to know about this train then read our post from the beginning to the end with full attention.

Today in our post we will discuss Bijoy Express Train. If you read our post with full attention then you will know Bijoy Express train schedule, how much is the ticket price of this train

and on which days this train is closed. Many people now prefer to travel by train as traveling by train is safe and less risky or less time consuming. Due to the high demand of trains,

bijoy express mymensingh to chittagong

many railways have been built in our country now. Now we can travel from one place to another in our country by train. Bijoy Express train is one of the passenger trains in our country.

The Bijoy Express train carries passengers from various stations and takes everyone to their respective destinations. Among other trains, Bijoy Express is a very good and high quality train.

Traveling in this train is comfortable. And so many people want to know the schedule of this train to travel by this train. For this we have discussed this train schedule today in our post.

mymensingh to chittagong bijoy express train ticket price

Stay with this post to know Bijoy Express train schedule. Bijoy Express runs between Chittagong and Mymensingh. This train departs from Chittagong for Mymensingh at 7:20

and reaches Mymensingh at 15:55. Again departs from Mymensingh for Chittagong at 20:30 and reaches Chittagong further at 5:30.

Like many other means of transport, a ticket is required to travel by train. No one can travel by train without a ticket. A fine is levied if one travels by train without a ticket.

bijoy express train off day

Many people who want to travel by Bijoy Express train do not know the ticket price of this train. And they visit various websites online to know all these things.

For you we have discussed Bijoy Express train ticket price in this post on our website. Vijay Express train has three types of tickets. Each ticket price is different.

For example, if someone wants to buy Bijoy Express train Shobhan ticket? Then he has to pay 320 taka and suman chair ticket 385 taka and fast seat ticket 515 taka.

bijoy express train location, cabin, pin, code

Every passenger train needs a break. And for this almost many trains in our country have off days. Bijoy Express train is one of these trains. Vijay Express trains also have off days or holidays.

Off days of Bijoy Express train are Tuesday and Wednesday. Bijoy Express trains are closed on these two days. Apart from Bijoy Express train, we have published several posts about other trains on our website.

If you are interested to know details about different trains of our country then keep visiting our website regularly and keep reading the posts on our website.