Bhawal Resort Spa Cost, Cottage Price, Phone Number, Food Prices, Two & One Bedroom

Now many resorts have been built in different parts of our country. Bhawal Resort is one of these resorts. Are you interested to know about Bhawal Resort? If interested to know about

Bhawal Resort then read our post. Today we will discuss about Bhawal Resort in this post. If you read our post from the beginning to the end with full attention then you will get to know

various information about Bhawar Resort. Bhawal Resort is located in Naljani village of Mirzapur union in Gazipur district. It is built on about 65 acres of land.

bhawal resort and spa cost

Bhawal Resort is a very nice resort. It is made of a natural environment. In this report, you can hear a lot of chirping at night. The resort has many tall trees. There is also a large swimming pool.

The beauty of sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed from Bhawal Resort. There are total three types of cottage rooms in this resort. One is one bedroom villa,one bedroom suite and two bedroom suite villa.

 The resort offers four types of offers to the visitors at different times. Bhawal Resort has a restaurant for visitors. A lot of delicious food is available in this restaurant.

bhawal resort food prices, menu

Being built in a very beautiful and pleasant environment, many visitors from different parts of the country come here to visit and enjoy the beauty of this Bhawal Resort.

As Bhawal Resort is a very beautiful resort, many people from different places in our country want to visit this resort. And many people want to know the location of the resort to visit this resort.

So we have published the location of Bhawal Resort in our post today. If you want to go to this resort then check the location given by us.

Bhawal Resort Two Bedroom Suite price & one bedroom Villa

To go to Bhawal Resort, first, you need to go to Gazipur intersection by bus or CNG from Dhaka. From there you have to go to the member’s house bus stop via Rajendrapur intersection.

From there you can see the resort of Bhawal after going three kilometers to the right. To go to Bhawal Resort, many people want to know various information about the resort.

And to know all this information, many people want to contact the contact number of Bhawal Resort. And to contact this resort, they enter various websites and search for the contact number of Bhawal Resort.

bhawal resort phone number, cottage price

And for this we have published the contact number of Bhawal Resort in this post today. Which contact number of Bhawal Resort is +8801-871004007, +8801871004009, +8801871004008, +8801871004005.

If you contact these numbers, you will get various information about Bhawal Resort. Apart from Bhawal Resort, we have published some other posts on our website about other resorts.

If you are interested in knowing more about different types of resorts apart from good resorts then visit our website regularly and read other posts on our website.