Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Mobile Shop List [Unofficial & Official Phone]

You know that Bashundhara City is the biggest market in Bangladesh. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Market Detailed Information and Weekly Closing Days – Accurate information about

the most important and very important things about Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Market is mentioned here. You have to face harassment in different ways due to not knowing the things.

For example: Depending on what kind of product you will be buying, you have to enter the market according to the right position and follow the right direction.

Otherwise, you will be wasting your precious time going back and forth. Many people go to buy mobiles. You need to know how the mobile phone calls are. In that case, we can find out where

the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex is and what kind of marketing facilities are located. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Market Details Read the article and get to know Esbor.

Those of you who are going to buy mobile from Bashundhara shopping mall. Of course, the shops there have to be talked about. This shopping mall is open from 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM.

The market has 10 floors. There are 2900 shops in the market. There are 4 blocks. A block is at the south-west corner of the market, B- block is at the south-east corner of the market,

C- block market is at the east corner, and D- block is at the north-west corner of the market. This shopping mall has 2 floors underground.

If you want to buy unofficial phone then you must know about official phone buying shops in Bashundhara City. Level 5 of Bashundhara Shopping Mall has a total of 461 shops in 4 blocks.

Out of this, there are 202 shops in A block, 97 shops in B-block, 83 shops in C-block and 79 shops in D-block. Level 3 of Bashundhara Shopping Mall has a total of 457 shops in 4 blocks.

Among them, there are 200 shops in A block, 95 shops in B block, 85 shops in C block and 77 shops in D block. You will find unofficial sisters in all the shops.

Do you want to see the list of mobile shops in Bashundhara City? Level 4 of Bashundhara Shopping Mall has a total of 450 shops in 4 blocks. Among them, there are 195 shops in A-Block,

96 in B-Block, 87 in C-Block and 72 in D-Block. Each block of this level has only saree shops. Level-7 of Bashundhara Shopping Mall has a total of 9 mega malls in 4 blocks.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Mobile Shop List

Among them, there are 2 mega malls in A-Block, 2 in B-Block, 2 in C-Block and 3 in D-Block. SHOPPING MALL LABEL 2 FOUR BLOCKS HAVE TOTAL 527 SHOPS THE SHOPS


THE CAPITAL OF BANGLADESH IE FARMGATE. From under the overbridge, from the Cirque fountain established at Hotel Sonargaon intersection,

the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, the largest commercial center of the country and South Asia, is located on the west side of the road.

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