Barendra Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Route, Code, Location

A popular train from Chilahati to Rajshahi is Barendra Express. As a result of modernizing the current Bangladesh Railways, high-speed luxury trains are regularly plying on the Chilahati to Rajshahi route.

A new land port has been constructed at Chilahati. The governments of the two countries have decided to start a direct Bangladesh to India Siliguri rail link on this route.

We are going to present to you the train schedule ticket price and closure list by Barendra Express through this post. Friends without further ado let’s move to the main discussion. 

Barendra Express Train Schedule

Hope you get all the information through this post. Barendra Express train is a well-known intercity train leaving for Rajshahi Chilahati. It runs regularly from Rajshahi to Chilahati six days a week.

Trains are closed on Sundays. Another day leaves Chilahati at 5:50 AM. On the other hand it reaches Rajshahi at 12:20 PM. On the other hand, it takes 7 hours to cross this route.

You will get a total of five types of seats in this train and the train fare is determined based on the distance traveled. Today we will try to provide detailed information

Barendra Express Train ticket price

about Barendra Express train schedule and ticket price through this post. You must read and understand the article from the beginning to the end.

Barendra Express train departs from Rajshahi to Chilahati road station at 15:00 hrs. The arrival time of this train at Chilahati station is mentioned at 21:25 minutes.

This train will be closed on one day in a week and that day is Sunday. Chilahati to Rajshahi train departure time from Chilahati station is mentioned as 5:50 minutes. 

Barendra Express Train off day

The arrival time of this train at Rajshahi is mentioned at 12:20. This train also has one holiday in a week, that holiday is Sunday. Since we are trying

to show the details of the train, we want you to know the fare list. In this case the price of ornamental chair is fixed at 175 taka and the best quality

seat is priced at 600 taka. Hope through this post we got to know detailed information about Barendra Express train schedule and ticket price.

barendra express train route, code, location

As we try to present the detailed information of a train, now we present the Barendra Express Train Fare List. The fares are fixed according

to the seat category and we will present them to you separately. The scheduled departure time from Sylhet to Rajshahi station is 5:50 PM Rajshahi to Chilahati

train runs six days a week. You can travel by Barendra Express train on any day of the week except Sundays ie weekends.

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