Banglalink 4G SIM Replacement Offer, Active Code, Fee 2024

There are many types of mobile operators in Bangladesh. Banglalink is one of them. Of all the mobile operators, Banglalink offers more benefits to its customers.

Apart from Bangladesh, people from Russia, Italy, Algeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc. use Banglalink SIM. As of December 2006, Banglalink had about 3.64 million subscribers.

The number of Banglalink subscribers is increasing with time. Currently, the number of subscribers has increased to 9.8 million. Banglalink offers low call rate, SMS bundle, Orange Point etc. to its customers.

Banglalink 4G SIM Replacement Fee & price 2024

As a result, people become interested and use Banglalink SIM more as a mobile operator. Today’s post discusses information about 4G replacement of Banglalink SIM.

So read this post carefully from beginning to end. Most of the people in Bangladesh choose Banglalink SIM as the mobile operator. This is because the lowest call rate facility is available from Banglalink network facility.

Banglalink customers can easily convert their SIM to 4G SIM. At present, any Banglalink SIM can be converted from 3g to 4g at home. For this, you only need to have 49 taka on mobile.

banglalink 4g sim replacement active code

If it is less than taka, you will not be able to convert the SIM to 4g. You can convert to 4g SIM by visiting Banglalink’s official website.

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It can also be converted to 4g via mobile messaging. I hope you have read today’s post and got a lot about Banglalink SIM 4G replacement. 

Most of the people who use Banglalink SIM do not know the process of converting to Banglalink SIM 4g. We have discussed that process in today’s post.

Banglalink 4G SIM replacement offer 2024

To convert Banglalink SIM to 4g, go to mobile keypad option and dial * 5000 * 40 #. Then Banglalink SIM replacement option will come. Banglalink SIM can be easily converted to 4g by clicking on that option.

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Banglalink 4G SIM Replacement Offer 2024

Also, go to the message option of the mobile and type “free4G”. The message should be sent to 2500. This way you will be able to easily convert your own banglalink sim to 4g.

4G SIM users can do anything on the internet very fast. In other words, the speed of the net is much better in 4G SIM. Also those who use 4G Banglalink SIM can convert the SIM to 3G or 2G if they want.

banglalink 4g sim replacement online 

When Banglalink SIM is converted from 3G to 4G, customers get huge internet offers. With the conversion to 4G you get a total of 8 GB of free internet.

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The validity of the internet will be seven days. Those Banglalink customers will be able to enjoy the facility for up to three months.

But for this you have to have 49 taka in mobile. Hope you read today’s post and get a complete idea about 4G SIM replacement offer.