Bangladesh Railway Ticket Price, Refund Policy [ক্লিক করে টিকেট কাটুন]

Maybe you’re just looking for a friend to travel with. Then bus jani may seem boring to you. Then you can do the train journey by alternative means. Feel comfortable traveling by train.

Because there is a system of trains, there is a system of prayers. And there are other facilities. Today we will give you detailed idea about ticket booking through this post.

Now it becomes difficult to get tickets during Eid and various public holidays. But you can book train tickets from mobile at home in very short time from now. How do you accomplish this task?

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. Hope you understand all the information. Modernity has come in everything in the age of information technology.

And that modernization has touched the travel sector. Those of you who wanted to know about the rules for online train ticket booking. This is our post for them.

Bangladesh Railway 2022 has brought some such facilities. Made our life much easier. You can buy from home via mobile or internet. For the past 13 years, an organization

named CNSBD has been selling train tickets online was involved with But now has accepted this service. Now we will show how to buy train tickets

from the official website of the railway. You can buy train tickets without any hassle from Website. Follow the step by step steps to buy tickets online through mobile.

For that you need to use specific browser or app. If you want to get train tickets through the browser. Then you need to go to Railway official website.

First go to Bangladesh Railway website or and click on the register button. Then you will see a page like the image

below where a form will appear fill the form correctly and sign Click on the up button. Then after creating the account you have to update the profile.

Go there and give correct information with your national identity card number, your mobile number, email address. Your account has been deleted. Now you can buy train tickets in a very short time.

But note that you cannot purchase train tickets between 11:45 PM and 8:00 AM. The rest of the time you can make purchases. Many of you wanted to know how to buy train tickets online.

And can login to purchase tickets. Today we will present it to you through this post. or

first you need to visit this website. After visiting this website you will see a form. Go there and register. After that, enter your full name, email address,

mobile number, password correctly and click on the sign up button to create an account. Using the account you can purchase train tickets in very short time by following the next steps.