Banalata Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Off Day, Ticket Online, Tracking, Code

Today in this post we will discuss about Banalata Express train. Those of you who want to know about Banalata Express train schedule or how much is the ticket price of this train

and when is the off day of this train, you can read our post from the beginning to the end with full attention. If you read this post of ours with full attention then you will get to know

various details about Banalata Express Train. Banalata Express is a very good train. Traveling in this train is very comfortable and safe. This train carries passengers

banalata express train schedule dhaka to rajshahi

from various stations and takes everyone to their respective destinations. There are many types of vehicles in our country today. Such as bus, truck, launch, boat, plane, train etc.

Train is one of these vehicles. Almost everyone now prefers to travel by train as it is less risky and less time consuming. And for this reason many trains run in our country now.

Among these trains is Banalata Express. This train carries passengers from Dhaka to Chapainawabganj. Many people don’t know when is Banalata Express train schedule.

banalata express train ticket price

And to know about this many people go online to various websites and search for Banalata Express train schedule. For this today we have discussed the schedule of this train in our post.

Banalata Express train departs from Dhaka to Chapainawabganj at 13:30 and reaches Chapainawabganj at 19:30. Again departs from Chapainawabganj to Dhaka

at 6 am and reaches Dhaka at 11:30 am. The Banalata Express train carries passengers from different stations to and from Dhaka to Chapainawabganj. 

banalata express ticket online, off day

The stations where this train stops and picks up passengers are – Airport and Rajshahi. A ticket is required to travel by Banalata Express train.

You cannot travel on this train without a ticket. Anyone who travels by train without a ticket is legally punished. Banalata Express train has several types of tickets.

Like – Suman Chair, Snigdha and AC Seat. These three types of tickets cost different amounts. Eg – Sumon chair ticket price is 525 taka,

banalata express train tracking, code

Snigdha ticket price is 780 taka and AC seat price is 885 taka. All trains carrying passengers in our country have some off days or holidays to take a break.

All these trains are closed on those days. Banalata Express train has some off days. Friday is the off day of Banalata Express train.

The Banalata Express train does not carry passengers anywhere on Fridays. This train is completely closed on Fridays.