BAN vs WI Live Score 2024 Today [এখানে আপডেট স্কোর দেখুন]

Cricket has become a popular sport nowadays. Cricket has also become very popular in Bangladesh. Now, most people of Bangladesh like to play cricket. Bangladesh cricket is improving day by day.

Bangladesh football is relatively behind in that aspect. The game of cricket in Bangladesh has been going on for more than 2 decades. Cricketers have contributed a lot to the gradual

development of cricket. Along with that Bangladesh Cricket Board has many contributions. At present, as a result of the development of Bangladesh team cricket,

now big teams also play cricket matches with Bangladesh with importance. There was a time when beating the Bangladesh team in cricket did not matter. Currently, teams like England,

India, Australia, New Zealand play cricket very seriously. The main reason for the development of Bangladesh cricket is that Bangladesh organizes cricket matches with different teams every few days.

For example, West Indies played an innings against Bangladesh in July 2024. That innings has been held. Bangladesh played three ODIs against West Indies.

Three ODIs are held on July 10, 13 and 16. Bangladesh play their first ODI against West Indies on 10 July 2024. West Indies defeated by six wickets. Moreover, Bangladesh defeated

West Indies by nine wickets in the second ODI on July 13. Bangladesh took to the field on 16th July with the intention of washing West Indies and defeated West Indies by 4 wickets.

This game shows how much Bangladesh has improved in the game of cricket. Teams like New Zealand, Pakistan, India, India play very important while playing against Bangladesh.

Because Bangladesh is not a small team like before. Bangladesh vs West Indies cricket match! Hearing this name does not stop the interest of Bangladeshis.

Why not the victory of Bangladesh with the West Indies means the achievement of Bangladesh? There was a time when it was impossible to lose. Currently, Bangladesh is leaving

BAN vs WI Live Score 2024

the West Indies as a Bengali wash. Bangladesh is also likely to play West Indies in the current T20 World Cup. If Bangladesh can win several matches then Bangladesh T20 match will be held with West Indies.

So hopefully Bangladesh will do well in T20 World Cup and West Indies will beat other teams. The recent T20 World Cup is going on. If you want to watch T20 world cup games

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