Ashiyan Medical College Hospital Dhaka: Doctor List, Address, Phone Number, Location, Fee Structure

Today we will discuss in this post about Ashiyan Medical College Hospital. Those of you who are interested to know different types of information about Ashiyan Medical College Hospital,

please read our post carefully from beginning to end. By reading this post you will be able to know various information about Ashiyan Medical College Hospital

such as- Address of Ashiyan Medical College Hospital, the Contract Number of the hospital, Doctor List of the hospital. Even a few decades ago, many people would have died

due to lack of treatment in our country. Because at that time there was no advanced medical system in our country. For example, in our country before there was no treatment

for diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid etc. So then thousands of people in our country would die due to lack of treatment due to all these diseases.

At present the medical system of our country has improved a lot. People do not have to die due to lack of treatment like before. At present many high quality hospitals have

been built in different parts of our country. And in all these hospitals all kinds of diseases are treated and medical services are provided by accurate diagnosis of these medical systems

and as a result many patients’ lives are saved. And Ashiyan Medical Hospital is one of the best hospitals. This hospitality is a hospital with advanced medical procedures.

The quality of medical services in this hospital is very good. In this hospital patients are cured with proper treatment. Ashiyan Medical College Hospital has a very good service in all areas.

This is a healthy hospital. Many advanced medical services are available here at very low cost. Ashiyan Medical College Hospital has several branches.

The branches are spread in different parts of our country. One of these branches is in Dhaka. Those who want to receive treatment from Dhaka Ashiyan Medical College Hospital

can visit Barua, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229. And if you want to know different types of information about this hospital sitting at home or want to know about the problems

of different diseases or what diseases are being treated then you can contact this number 02-8999543. You can find out about Ashiyan Medical College Hospital

by contacting this number. Ashiyan Medical College Hospital has many experienced doctors. They treat the patient by accurately diagnosing

the disease from their experience. For this many people want to get treatment from Ashiyan Medical College Hospital. If you want to seek treatment from

an experienced doctor from Ashiyan Medical Hospital then you can seek the advice of the following doctors or receive medical services from them.

Dr. Tarik Bin Rashid

Dr. Shahriar Iqbal

Dr. Abdul Awal

Dr. Proma Orchi

Dr. Mahbuba Akhter

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