Akash DTH Price Bangladesh 2024 [Monthly, Package, Channel List]

Through this post, I hope you will find answers to all the questions in your mind about Akash DTH. Like package price, channel list, advantages and disadvantages etc. So guys let’s get started.

Today’s article is if you want to buy Sky DTH. Then you can visit our website to find out. You can buy from Akash dealer in your district. You can buy online.

If you want to know more details, you can contact Akash DTH’s call center at 16442 or send a message to their page. So guys, let’s go. What is the current package price of Aakash DTH and what can it cost?

How much money is required? So don’t know through the post. At present, the country’s DIS lines have problems with various types of channels.

As the channels are not clear, the dis line is not available most of the time and also the picture or sound quality is not high quality, Akash has gained the popularity of the dis line.

Because watching television without him is one, the medium is Akashdeep. 34 domestic and 75 foreign channels can be watched without any cable connection through Aakash Dis Line.

Today I am going to discuss the servicing facilities of Akash TV package recharge offer step by step in front of you. Hope you like it very much. If you want any more information.

You can visit our website. Akash DTH stands for Direct to Home. Which is Vaccine Communication Limited is the first legitimate dis service provider in the country.

We all know that Bangladesh has been established as a satellite. Named Bangabandhu Satellite, Akash DTH has given customers the opportunity to watch TV from this satellite through a transformer.

Usually connected to satellites no media or cables are required. Through which you can enjoy high quality audio HD video at home. Satellite communication system through

which 120 desi channels can be viewed with clear audio HD video. At present, I will tell you the market price of Akash DTH through this post. DTH price of Aakash Full setup is taka 3699.

Akash DTH Price Bangladesh

The brand became a customer favorite even before DTH service provider Aakash Yatra started. After the outbreak of the coronavirus, people are spending more time at home.

The time and habit of watching TV has increased. As a result, they can now sit at home in any part of the country and enjoy the pleasure of watching television with high quality pictures and sound.

30 domestic and 90 foreign channels are seen in 64 districts of the country with the highest quality picture. The price of the full set of Aakash Dish channels in Bangladesh is Tk. 4499. After taking a new connection.

You can watch all channels for free for one month. From one month you have to buy new package. You have to pay monthly charges. I hope I have been able to provide you with detailed information through this post.