Airtel Internet Setting for Android, iPhone

Good news for Airtel customers. Because today we will give you the information on how to do Airtel internet setting through this article. As you know, Robi Axiata Limited and Bangladesh Airtel merged in 2016.

Continuously serving their customers. Following this, they have launched various types of internet services. Their internet has spread all over Bangladesh.

So many people use Airtel internet and handset setting is required. We will inform you through registration. We try to give you by collecting this information accurately. We hope you enjoy the extension.

airtel internet settings bd 2023

I am going to give you the information on how to do Airtel’s internet setting. You can manually and automatically set the internet setting of your handset. In this case, your two are permanent. If your SIM is 4G then you can do internet setting.

In this case you can manually set the internet if you want, read the article carefully from the beginning to the end without delay and follow the following steps, first you go to the settings option of your mobile. You can see the settings there.

Mobile network, you can see the access point name. Write Airtel BD apn-internet in place of name there. But there is no need to write proxies and four. No need to set username password server. Then when you restart your handset, your phone will have internet setting.

airtel internet settings for android

As you know, apart from Bangladesh, Indian Airtel is also conducting its business activities. So today we know how to set up Airtel Internet in Bangladesh through this registration.

GP Internet Setting Code 2023

Robi Internet Setting Code 2023

I will inform that information. You can easily set up Airtel Internet automatically. For this you must call customer care. They will send a pop-up message.

You need to save the message on your handset. After restarting, your Airtel internet setting will be done automatically. Then friends, I informed you through Airtel. How to do Airtel’s internet setting.

airtel internet settings for iphone 11

Today we will show you how to set up Airtel Internet on your handset by registering. You can set your handset to 4G and 3G handsets by simply dialing a code.

Banglalink Internet Setting Code 2023

Airtel Internet Setting Code 2023

In this case you have to go to the dial pad of your phone and type * 121 #. After that you will get a pop-up message on your phone.

He will save the pop-up message on your handset. Then when you restart your handset, you will see that your handset has Airtel internet setting.

airtel internet settings 4G manual

Many of you want to know how to set up Airtel Internet will give you the information. If you read the article from beginning to end then you will be able to know the information related to this.

Teletalk Internet Setting Code 2023

Skitto Internet Setting Code 2023

If you submit all the information according to the appropriate procedure of your handset. Then your handset will be manually Internet setting.



Proxy: Blank

Port: 8080

Username: Blank

Password: Blank


MMSC: Blank

MMS Proxy: Blank

MMS Port: 80

MCC: 404

MNC: 10

APN Protocol: IPV4 / IPV6

APN: Enable

So friends, through this registration, I have informed you how to manually set up Airtel Internet on your handset. If you want to know any more information, please let us know in the comments section of our website. We will try to present them to you.