Airtel Corporate SIM Call Rate 2022 Activation, Offer, Swap, Login Published Today

Friends, many of you wanted to know how to get Airtel’s corporate SIM and what is the call rate of corporate SIM. Our article lists all the benefits and price lists of corporate SIMs through your registration today.

Read the article carefully from beginning to end and see what kind of benefits Airtel Corporate SIM has. Airtel authorities offer various benefits of Airtel corporate SIM.

For example, you can do 15 FNF. You can talk Airtel FNF from 25 paisa per minute and 10 second pulse on any operator. 65 paise per minute for 24 hoursĀ 

Airtel Corporate SIM Call Rate 2022

and you can talk to other numbers 24 hours a day. If you want to know the details of corporate SIM. Then you can find out from our website.

Customer, today I will tell you what kind of information you need to use to get a corporate SIM. And what kind of benefits you will get. In this case you can take postpaid SIM.

In this case you will get different types of benefits. Also those who currently have prepaid customers. They can be postpaid transfers. In this case, you can talk at call rate of 50 paisa per minute.

airtel postpaid sim call details

You can send 30 paisa per SMS and 1 second pulse will be applicable. You can buy a bundle of 28 taka 45 minutes. For this you need to dial * 121 * 28 # code.

You can buy 46 taka 70 minutes bundle by dialing this code * 121 * 46 #. Which will be valid for seven days. Dial * 121 * 93 # to make 93 taka 150 minutes and 400 MB.

Customers Today we will inform this article about those who have prepaid customers. How do they do postpaid operator migration.

airtel corporate sim activation, offer, swap, login

For this you have to adopt some methods. Read the article carefully from beginning to end and see if you want to go from Airtel prepaid to postpaid operator you have to go to the nearest customer care.

They will convert you into a postpaid package for 100 taka. Then friends, hopefully, you understand. Many of you want to know about the different types of internet offers

and call rates of Airtel postpaid operators in Bangladesh. In this series, I will present all your information. Read the article carefully from beginning to end.

airtel postpaid sim customer care number

Airtel customers will get an offer of 179 takas, of which bundle offer includes 225 minutes one GB internet and 0.5 GB internet. For a period of 30 days. So you have to dial this code.

You can also avail of this offer by recharging 179 tk. To check the data balance you need to dial this code * 8444 * 88 #. VAT, SD, & SC bundle price included.

Then, friends, I have informed you through this article. Hope you understand. If you want to know any more information, you can let us know in the comments on our website.

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