Airtel Bundle Offer 2024 Code BD

Airtel is one of the popular mobile operators in Bangladesh. Airtel currently has about 10 million subscribers. Many of you who use Airtel SIM do not know about Airtel bundle offer.

As a result, Airtel cannot enjoy the bundle offers. So in today’s post, we have discussed the Airtel bundle offer. So that customers can easily know the details about the bundle offer.

So keep an eye out from the beginning to the end of today’s post. I hope you know a lot. Airtel SIM offers customers various bundles.

Airtel Bundle Offer 2024 Code

There are many customers who do not know much about Airtel Bundle offer. Today’s post discusses the bundle offer. Airtel’s 50 minutes, 1.5 GB and 50 SMS offer requires only 98 Tk.

GP Bundle Offer 2024

Offer valid for 7 days. You need 34 Tk on mobile to purchase the 30 minute, 500 MB and 30 SMS offer. Offer limited to 72 hours. You need 777 Tk on mobile to buy 1000 minutes and 5 GB offer.

This offer is valid for 30 days. Mobile must have minimum 500 Tk for 865 minutes 3GB offer. This offer lasts for one and a half months. 480 minutes, 1 GB internet offer requires 278 Tk on mobile.

airtel bundle offer 478 tk

This offer is valid for 30 days. I hope you have learned a lot about the bundle offer through today’s post. If you want to buy Airtel bundle offer, you need the bundle offer codes.

Airtel Bundle Offer 2024

Banglalink Bundle Offer 2024

Today’s post discusses the codes of Airtel Bundle Offer. To buy Airtel’s 50 Minute, 1.5GB and 50 SMS package, dial * 123 * 098 #. To buy the 865 minutes

and 3 GB package, dial * 123 * 499 #. For 480 minutes and 1 GB package dial * 121 * 278 #. For 605 minutes, 1 GB and 500 SMS dial * 121 * 349 #. 

Airtel bundle offer monthly / 30 days

Hopefully, after reading this post they have come to know the bundle offer codes of Airtel. If you are an Airtel customer, you can purchase Airtel’s one month bundle offer if you wish.

Robi Bundle Offer 2024

Teletalk Bundle Offer 2024

If you want to buy Airtel 500 MB, 735 minutes and 800 SMS bundle offer, you have to have 228 Tk. To get the offer of 500 MB,

270 minutes and 400 SMS, you need 207 Tk. Mobile will require 574 Tk for 2GB, 765 minutes and 500 SMS. These offers are valid for up to 30 days.

airtel bundle offer 2024 bd for 7 days

This offer can no longer be used. So I can say that by today’s post you have got the right idea about the Airtel Bundle offer.